The team of St. Petersburg SU has won the Cup! +The Closing ceremony video has been added.
According to preliminary results of ACM ICPC 2014 MSU team is the leader.
SPb SU, NRU Higher School of Economics and Shanghai U Tsnghua U are the leaders by the middle of the contest.
Over 600 people have registered for the Closing ceremony.
You can take information in the hotel, at MyICPC or download from local site.
Cheer World Finals participants at your own cheering party.
Highlights of the Opening ceremony and the 2nd day of the Championship – in our photo report!
Photoset from the First Day of the ACM ICPC 2014.
Take a part in a UrFU discussion on global academia on Tuesday, June 24th.
Spectators are invited to the World Finals, workshops and exhibitions.
Live broadcast will be arranged by the same team that had ensured the broadcast of the Olympic games in Sochi.
Participants of ACM ICPC 2014 will enjoy free mobile communication and reliable wi-fi.
Five questions to the Executive Director of the World Programming Championship.
Any guest of the World Programming Championship can become a part of the exhibition.
Welcome speech of head of Ekaterinburg administration to the participants.
Over 200 people will help at the Championship.
Historical center of the city: the Pond and the Dam.
And another details of preparation for World Finals 2014.
Volunteer selection for ACM ICPC 2014 World Finals has started.
We invite you on the ACM ICPC Finals venue.
What equipment and software are going to be used in the Finals?
Photoset from the Finals in St. Petersburg.
Learn everything about the Finals in Ekaterinburg and follow the news.

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