Ekaterinburg City Administration

Ekaterinburg is one of the most dynamic cities of Russia and an important financial, transportation, and scientific center of the country.

The City Administration ia an executive municipal agency responsible for most aspect of everyday city life. Since 2010, Ekaterinburg City Administration is headed by Alexander Yakob.

The Administration areas of responsibility include facilities, utilities, roads and transportation system, public health care, schools, and sports. Improvements in these spheres form comfortable city environment for citizens and quests of Ekaterinburg.

City Administration pays special attention to hospitality infrastructure development.

City Administration has realized several large projects directed at promotion of the city in the world. Ekaterinburg applied for hosting of international exhibition EXPO-2020, organized Russia-EU summit and a range of international top-level meetings. In year 2018, several FIFA World Cup games will be held at Ekaterinburg Central Stadium.

Support for the ACM ICPC World Finals 2014 is an important step of municipal authorities towards making Ekaterinburg a global city, famous all over the world.

For more information visit official website of Ekaterinburg (in Russian).

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