Shopping and currency exchange

One can find big shopping malls in every part of Ekaterinburg. A choice of brands will hardly differ from any other mall in the world: Adidas, Reebok, ZARA, H&M, Naf-Naf etc. However, local restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops can be found there too.

Do not miss souvenirs made of various Ural gems. The most famous of them is malachite. Columns of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, as well as the famous Malachite room in Hermitage are made of it and the huge stars on the top of Kremlin are decorated with rubies and emeralds mined in the Urals.

If you are interested in souvenirs from gems, birch bark and wood go to the Alley of Artists. It starts near one of the exits from Geologicheskaya metro station. Prices there are lower than in shops and most of the souvenirs are handmade. 

Currency exchange and ATMs

Most of shops and restaurants accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, but if you need cash it’s not a problem either.

Every supermarket and hotel has ATMs where one can withdraw cash (note that there likely will be a fee for these transactions). Bank offices also provide currency exchange service (note that most of them might require to see your passport).

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