Public transport is quite cheap (23 rubles for one ride), but we would advise you not to use it if you don’t speak Russian. Names of stations and route plans are not always translated to English.


The Metro, however, is quite easy to use, it is not very crowded and also provides a chance to see beautiful stations, decorated with marble and Ural gems. During many years local metro was considered to be the shortest metro in the world and was mentioned in the Guiness book.

Buses and trams  

When it comes to buses and trams the main difficulty is the absence of a schedule. To use this form of transportation one should go to the bus or tram stop and wait for one`s desired bus or tram to arrive. Trams are less likely to get stuck in traffic, but it is possible. 


A taxi ride inside the city will cost you about 200 rubles. To get a taxi you should call the operator and tell them where you are and where you want to go. Unfortunately, not all taxi operators speak English. Our volunteers will gladly help you call a taxi, should you have difficulties.

Here are websites of several taxi operators:

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