To enter Russia, you will need a passport, possibly a visa, and other documents and materials as determined by the Russian Consulate of the country that issued your passport.

Visit the appropriate Russian Consulate website for information. Links are posted below. If you are residing in a country other than the country that issued your passport, check that Russian Consulate website too. Make sure your documents are in order so that you can return. It is useful to do the following before you start applying:

  1. Read the rules for entering the Russian Federation.
  2. Verify the restrictions such as length of stay and total weight of luggage.
  3. Verify the list of documents you will need.  Determine whether scanned copies are accepted.  If you need an official Visa invitation Host invitation or ICPC invitation, follow the instructions given in the section: Invitations.


If you do not have a passport, apply for one immediately.  If you have a passport, it must meet the following conditions (otherwise, renew or replace it):

  1. Your passport has two empty visa pages.
  2. Your passport does not expire before January 1, 2015.
  3. Your passport should not cause suspicions of its authenticity and ownership.
  4. Your passport should not contain any marks, signs, inscriptions, or corrections. If any of these are present, they should be certified by authorities of the issuing country.
  5. Your passport should not have any torn pages.


Visa-Free CountriesYou do NOT need a visa if your passport was issued from one of the following countries:

Abkhazia, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macau, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Nicaragua, Peru, Serbia, South Osetia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela.

However, you may need to bring other documents with you. Check the appropriate Russian Consulate website of the country issuing your passport and, if different, your country of residence. Links are posted below.

All Other Countries: Visa Needed

If you are not from one of the countries above, please, contact the Russian Consulate of your passport country to apply for a visa.  Visit the Russian Consulate website for the country of your residence and the country of your citizenship for visa applications.


Visa Invitation

To obtain an official Visa Invitation, go to your ICPC Dashboard, then to your ICPC Profile, select Passport Info and fill in all of the requested information.  If you haven’t finalized the dates of your stay, please enter the earliest possible arrival date and the latest possible departure date.  Make sure your visa is valid from the date of entry into Russia through the date of departure from Russia. Your visa must be valid while you are in transit within Russia.

Once you have entered the Passport Info, an electronic version of your Visa Invitation will be posted on your ICPC Dashboard. If your consulate requires a Visa Invitation with an original signature, please send the PDF of your visa invitation to Anna at with  “Original Visa Invitation” written in the subject line.  Include the name and exact mailing address, including contact phone number, it should be sent to.

Your Visa Invitation is for a one-year single-entry Humanitarian visa. The ACM-ICPC World Finals qualifies in several areas for Humanitarian visas. If your Consulate will not accept a Humanitarian visa invitation, please contact Anna at  

ICPC and Host Invitation

Your ICPC Dashboard has PDFs of your ICPC Invitation and Host Invitation.  If the Russian Consulate requires an ICPC invitation with an original signature rather than a scanned copy, please email with subject line, “Original ICPC invitation” and attach the PDF of your ICPC invitation.  Include the name and exact mailing address, including contact phone number, it should be sent to.

If the Russian Consulate requires a Host invitation with an original signature rather than a scanned copy, please email with subject line, “Original Host invitation” and attach the PDF of your Host invitation.  Include the name and exact mailing address, including contact phone number, it should be sent to.

If you have any other visa-related questions, please contact Anna Boikova by email at

List of Consulates


Abkhazia, Sukhum,

Afghanistan, Kabul,

Albania, Tirana,

Algeria, Algeria,

Algeria, Annabi,

Angola, Luanda, 170, rua Houari Boumedienne,
Luanda, C.P. 3141, República de Angola tel. (8-10-244) 222-445-038

Argentina, Buenos Aires,  

Armenia, Yerevan,

Armenia, Gyumri,

Australia, Canberra,

Australia, Sydney,

Austria, Vienna,

Austria, Salzburg, Burgelsteinstrasse 2,
5020 Salzburg tel. (8-10-43-662) 62-41-84

Azerbaijan, Baku,


Bahrain, Manama,

Bangladesh, Dhaka,

Bangladesh, Chittagong,

Belarus, Minsk,

Belarus, Brest,

Belgium, Brussels,

Belgium, Antwerpen,

Benin, Cotonou,

Bolivia, La Paz, Calacoto, Av.
Walter Guevara Arze No. 8129 tel. (8-10-591-2) 278-64-70

Bosnia And Herzegovina, Sarajevo,

Botswana, Gaborone,

Brazil, Brasilia,

Brazil, São Paulo,  

Brazil, Rio De Janeiro,

Bulgaria, Sofia,

Bulgaria, Rusal, ruse@cons.russia.dg tel. (8-10-359-82) 82-22-92

Bulgaria, Varna,

Burundi, Bujumbura,


Cambodia, Phnom Penh,

Cameroon, Yaoundé,

Canada, Ottawa,

Canada, Montreal,

Canada, Toronto,

Cape Verde, Praia,

Central African Republic, Bangui,

Chad, N'Djamena, N’Djamèna 2, rue Adjudant Collin,
B.P. 891. tel. (8-10-235) 2252-57-19

Chile, Santiago,

China, Guangzhou,

China, Beijing,

China, Shenyang,

China, Shanghai,

China, Hong Kong,

Colombia, Bogota,

Congo, Brazzaville,

Costa Rica, San Jose,

Cote D'Ivoire, Abidjan, tel. (8-10-225) 2243-0959

Croatia, Zagreb,

Cuba, Havana,

Cyprus, Nicosia,

Czech Republic, Prague,

Czech Republic, Brno,

Czech Republic, Carlsbad,
36001, ul. Petra Velikeho 18, Karlovy Vary tel. (8-10-420) 353-221-325


Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa,

Denmark, Copenhagen,

Djibouti, Djibouti,

Dominican Republic, nearest office 22 Norbrook Drive,
Kingston 8, Jamaica 


Ecuador, Quito,

Egypt, Cairo,

Egypt, Alexandria,

Eritrea, Asmara, State of Eritrea, Asmara, P.O. Box 5667,
Zobel st. 21 tel. (8-10-291-1) 12-71-72

Estonia, Tallinn,


Estonia, Tartu,

Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa,
Yeka Kifle Ketema, Kebele 08, Comoros Street, P.O. Box 1500 tel. (8-10-251-1-16) 61-20-54


Finland, Helsinki,

Finland, Lappeenranta,

Finland, Mariehamn, N. Esplanadgatan 11, 22100 Mariehamn, Åland,
Suomi tel. (8-10-358-18) 19-524

Finland, Turku,

France, Paris,

France, Strasbourg,

France, Marseilles,


Gabon, Libreville,

Georgia, Tbilisi,

Germany, Frankfurt Am Main,

Germany, Berlin,

Germany, Munich,

Germany, Leipzig,

Germany, Hamburg,

Germany, Bonn,

Ghana, Accra,

Greece, Athens,

Greece, Thessaloniki,

Guatemala, Guatemala,

Guinea, Conakry,

Guinea-Bissau, Bissau,  

Guyana, Georgetown,


Hungary, Budapest,

Hungary, Debrecen, 4025 Debrecen, Arany János u., 1
tel. (8-10-36-52) 53-69-26


Iceland, Reykjavik,

India, New Delhi, 

India, Madras (Chennai),

India, Calcutta,

India, Bombay (Mumbai),

Indonesia, Jakarta,

Iran, Tehran,

Iran, Isfahan, 11, Masjed Sofretchi Alley,
Chaharbagh Pain Ave., Esfahan, Iran tel. (8-10-98-311) 222-20-60

Iran, Resht, 82, Pasdaran st., Resht,
Iran tel. (8-10-98-131) 322-84-30

Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq, Baghdad, district Mansour,
Al-Moutanabbi, 605/5/4 tel. (8-10-9641) 541-89-13

Iraq, Erbil,

Ireland, Dublin,

Israel, Tel Aviv,

Israel, Haifa,

Italy, Palermo,

Italy, Rome,

Italy, Milan,

Italy, Genoa,


Jamaica, Kingston,

Japan, Tokyo,

Japan, Sapporo,,

Japan, Osaka, Toyonaka-shi, Nishi Midorigaoka 1-2-2,
Osaka-fu, Japan, 560-0005 tel. (8-10-81-66) 848-34-52

Japan, Niigata, Chuo-ku, 5-1 Bandaijima,
Bandaijima building, Niigata, 950-0078 tel. (8-10-81-25) 244-60-15

Jordan, Amman,


Kazakhstan, Almaty,

Kazakhstan, Astana,

Kazakhstan, Uralsk,

Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya,
Nairobi, P.O.Box 30049, Lenana Road tel. (8-10-254-20) 272-24-62

Kuwait, Kuwait,

Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek,

Kyrgyzstan, Osh,


Laos, Vientiane,

Latvia, Riga,

Latvia, Liepaja,

Latvia, Daugavpils,

Lebanon, Beirut,

Libya, Tripoli, 10, Mustafa
Kamel str., Tripoli, Libya tel. (8-20-218-21) 444-92-61

Lithuania, Vilnius,

Lithuania, Klaipeda,

Luxembourg, Luxembourg,


Macedonia, Skopje,

Madagascar, Antananarivo,

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur,

Mali, Bamako,

Malta, Valletta,

Mauritius, Floreal,

Mauritania, Nouakchott, Nouakchott, Rue Abou Bakr,
B.P. 221 tel. (8-10-222) 4525-22-72

Mexico, Mexico City,

Moldova, Chisinau,

Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar,

Mongolia, Erdenet, Erdnet,
Orhon aimag, Mongolia tel. (8-10-976-7035) 30-09

Mongolia, Darkhan, Zaluuchuudyn gudamzh, 13,
Darhan somon, Darhan-Uul aimag, Mongolia tel. (8-10-976-7037) 39-96

Morocco, Rabat,

Morocco, Casablanca,

Mozambique, Maputo,

Myanmar, Yangon,


Namibia, Windhoek, Windhoek, 4 Christian St.,
P.O. Box 3826 tel. (8-10-264-61) 22-86-71

Nepal, Kathmandu,

Netherlands, The Hague,

New Zealand, Wellington,

Nicaragua, Managua,

Nigeria, Lagos,

North Korea, Pyongyang,

North Korea, Chongjin, tel. (8-10-850-73) 230-402

Norway, Oslo,

Norway, Barentsburg, Barentsburg, Spitsbergen, Norge (P.B. 181,
Longyearbyen 9171) tel.     
(8-10-47) 7902-17-85

Norway, Kirkenes,


Oman, Muscat,


Pakistan, Islamabad,

Pakistan, Karachi,

Palestine, Ramallah, Ramallah, Al-Bireh,
Al-Balou’, Al-Mub’adeen st., Gemzo Suites tel.      
(8-10-972-2) 240-09-72

Panama, Panama,

Peru, Lima,

Philippines, Manila,

Poland, Warsaw,

Poland, Poznan, ul. Bukowska 53a, 60567 Poznan,
Rzeczpospolita Polska tel. (8-10-48-61) 841-77-40

Poland, Krakow, ul. Biskupia 7, 31144 Krakow,
Rzeczpospolita Polska tel. (8-10-48-12) 422-26-47

Poland, Gdansk, ul. Stefana Batorego 15, 80251 Gdansk—Wrzeszcz,
Rzeczpospolita Polska tel. (8-10-48-58) 341-10-88

Portugal, Lisbon,


Qatar, Doha,


Republic Of Korea, Seoul,

Republic Of Korea, Pusan,

Romania, Bucharest,

Romania, Constanta,

Rwanda, Kigali,


Saudi Arabia, Riyadh,

Saudi Arabia, Jeddah,

Senegal, Dakar,

Serbia, Beograd,

Singapore, Singapore,

Slovakia, Bratislava,

Slovenia, Ljubljana,

South Africa, Pretoria,

South Africa, Cape Town,

Spain, Madrid,

Spain, Barcelona,

Sri Lanka, Colombo,

Sudan, Khartoum,

Sweden, Stockholm,

Sweden, Gothenburg,

Switzerland, Bern,

Switzerland, Geneva,

Syria, Damascus,

Syria, Aleppo, El Mouhafazat, Aleppo,
Syrian Arab Republic, P.O.Box 1050 tel. (8-10-963-21) 223-24-01


Taiwan, Taipei,

Tajikistan, Dushanbe,

Tajikistan, Khujand,

Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam,

Thailand, Bangkok,

Tunisia, Tunisia,

Turkey, Ankara,

Turkey, Trabzon,

Turkey, Istanbul,

Turkey, Antalya,

Turkmenistan, Ashgabat,

Turkmenistan, Turkmenbashi,  tel. (8-10-993-243) 7-70-83


UAE, Abu Dhabi,

UAE, Dubai,

Uganda, Kampala,

Ukraine, Kiev,

Ukraine, Lviv,

Ukraine, Kharkov,

Ukraine, Simferopol,

Ukraine, Odessa,

United Kingdom, London,

United Kingdom, Edinburgh,

Uruguay, Montevideo,

USA, Houston,

USA, Washington,

USA, Seattle,

USA, San Francisco,

USA, New York,

Uzbekistan, Tashkent,


Venezuela, Caracas,

Vietnam, Hanoi,

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City,

Vietnam, Danang,


Yemen, Sana,

Yemen, Aden, tel. (8-10-9672) 231-050


Zambia, Lusaka,

Zimbabwe, Harare,

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