Ural Federal University is one of the Russia`s leading research institutions: economics, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and mathematics are represented here. Since 2008 it bears the name of its former student Boris Eltsin, who in 1991 was elected the first president of the Russian Federation.

The University has 18 deparments which offer over 120 bachelor and 80 magister programs. Its research facilities include dozens of research centers, innovative infrastructure, a scientific library, several museums and specialized collections. The total number of students is over 45 000, including more than a 1000 foreign students.

Total number of people studying information technologies and computer science in UrFU is over 6000!

UrFU has participated in ACM ICPC since 1998 (under the title of Ural State University until 2011). Starting from 2005 university teams have qualified for the finals each year. Their best results, bronze medals, were achieved in 2001, 2010 and 2011. The training center of ACM ICPC participants from Yekaterinburg is the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science (IMCS).

IMCS organizes several competitions with ACM ICPC-style rules, namely the ACM ICPC subregional qualification tour(fall) and Ural Open Championship(spring) as well as various online contests. You can find more information at acm.urfu.ru (in russian). More than 30 teams from different countries, including the strongest teams from Russia and China participated in the Ural Open Championship in 2013. Also, IMCS maintains an online problem archive and judging system Timus Online Judge, acm.timus.ru.

2014 was announced at UrFU as the year of Information Technology.

In 2014 the Ural Federal University will host the ACM ICPC Finals. In the regional contest its team (Denis Mukhametianov, Oleg Merkurev, Alexander Krasnoselskikh) took the fourth place.

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