Ekaterinburg is a big city, so there is a wide variety of restaurants: pubs, pizzerias and sushi places are very easy to find. We recommend trying Russian cuisine — it is really good and has a lot to offer. Here is a list of decent restaurants in the central part of Ekaterinburg which have menus in English.

Pie restaurant «Stolle», Gorkogo, 7a; Lunacharskogo, 82; 8 Marta, 123.
Stolle restaurants are very popular in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Ekaterinburg. The chain specializes on famous Russian pies with various fillings. Fish, meat, fruit — choose anything you like!

Restaurant «USSR», Pervomaiskaya, 27

Soviet-styled restaurant which also has a gift shop full of soviet-themed souvenirs.

Restaurant «Podkova», Lenina, 28/2
The place is designed to look like a merchant’s house of the 19th century and offers traditional Russian cuisine. Prices are fairly high, but it is a good place to try famous pancakes with caviar.

Restaurant «Dacha», Lenina, 20
The restaurant is made in the likeness of a soviet dacha (country house) with wicker furniture and old-style decorations. The menu has classic — European and Russian dishes.

«Pozharka», Malysheva, 44; Lunacharskogo, 128
A beer restaurant styled as a soviet fire station and even has real fire truck inside which is used as a bar. It offers mainly Russian cuisine and a lot of beer. 

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