Participants in the 2014 World Finals are going to stay in 7 of the best hotels in Ekaterinburg.

This is the largest number in a history of ACM ICPC finals. Participants will be able to go from their hotels to the ICPC Zone by using special buses, running on several different routes. Shuttles of different routes will be marked with different colors to avoid confusion.

Shuttles schedule

The shuttles function at three different times: morning, afternoon and evening. Every participant will get a detailed schedule which will also be available in hotels, on this website and through the “My ICPC” system.

Morning. Departure for ICPC Zone

The shuttles will depart shortly after breakfast. To find the shuttles please follow signs or ask one of the volunteers. All shuttles go from hotels directly to ICPC Zone. Estimated travel time is 30 minutes.

Afternoon. Round-trip route

Organizers are doing their best to ensure that you won’t need to leave ICPC Zone. However, if you need to return to your hotel during the day, just ask one of the volunteers to walk you to the closest ICPC shuttle station. A shuttle with a color corresponding to your hotel will carry you to the hotel and return you to ICPC Zone. You can use the next shuttle of the same color to return to ICPC Zone from the hotel.

Evening. Return to hotels

In the evening after the IBM Chill Zone closes, participants can return to their hotels using shuttles that will regularly depart from ICPC Zone.

Shuttle schedule and route plan will be available later. Please return for updates.

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