Government of Sverdlovsk Region

Sverdlovsk Region was established on 17 January, 1934. The administrative center of region is the city of Ekaterinburg.

Sverdlovsk Region lies 2000 kilometers to the East from Moscow, the capital of Russia, on the geographical border of Europe and Asia and the crossroad of transcontinental flows of resources, goods, and finances. Today, Sverdlovsk Region is the well-developed territory of Russia with the high level of growth in business, commerce and industry. By the most indicators of social and economic development, Sverdlovsk Region is in Russia's top-10 regions. 

With the area of 194,3 square kilometers and the population of 4 311 700 people, Sverdlovsk Region is one of the largest Russian territories.  There are 47 cities, 26 working settlements and 1841 villages in the region.

The highest official of the region is the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region. Since 2012, the office is held by Evgeny Kuyvashev. The executive and administrative body of region is the Government of Sverdlovsk Region.

Official site of Government of Sverdlovsk Region

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