To provide the best hospitality possible and to make ICPC guests feel at home — in short, that’s the plan for ICPC World Finals 2014. So what are the key issues you ought to know about your trip to Ekaterinburg?


The ICPC Zone, which includes Cosmos Concert Hall and Palace of Team Sports (DIVS) is your “second home“ for the days of contest. Food functions, entertainment, leisure, fun, and of course the contest itself will be held there.

Wi-Fi Coverage. Wi-Fi will be available throughout the zone. At Cosmos and DIVS, there also will be charging points to re-charge your devices.

Meals. There will be a choice of food at Cosmos, including vegetarian options. That also pertains to the choice of your lunch boxes for the Contest Day, June 25. And we will give you the idea of what traditional Russian cuisine is — of course, if only you want to taste.

Water. We will provide free water both in the hotels and ICPC Zone Venues, in individual plastic bottles (to take it with you) and also in large water coolers.


We are about to use 7 of the finest hotels in Ekaterinburg to accommodate the guests. Courtesy of our regional government, ICPC will be provided with more than 30 buses to serve for transportation needs from June 22 to 25. A detailed transport plan will help the fast and safe movement. Police support will be used to move quickly from the hotel to the ICPC Zone in the morning.

Bus Stations. Buses will be available in special areas, marked as ICPC Bus Stations. You’ll be able to access a scheme either at your hotel reception, or via MyICPC, or at the, or just follow your hotel volunteers, which will help you get on / off the bus.

Colored Signs. Each vehicle entering the ICPC Zone will be clearly marked with special ICPC signs. Every bus will also be color coded, showing the hotel cluster to which this bus goes, so you can easily find your way back to your hotel.

Safety and Health

The host, city, and region will team up to provide excellent comfort and safety during the days of the World Finals.

Safety. The Ekaterinburg City Administration will provide a fire car on permanent patrol and medical stations both at the Palace of Team Sports and Cosmos. These venues are also within the zone of priority for local medical services. The estimated time of first aid vehicles there is 5 minutes.

Medical stores. Drug stores are available if you need any over the counter medication, first aid supplies or prescriptions filled while you are here. The hotel volunteer also knows the details and will help you with pleasure.

Security. The ICPC Zone will be secured by police patrols and also by UrFU’s own security. The parking spaces around the venues are to be reserved solely for ICPC use. Special signs will mark the way between Cosmos and DIVS. The entrance to Cosmos in restrcited for all who don’t have an ICPC badge. In general, Ekaterinburg is a secure place — as secure as a large city can be.

Call Centre. We also plan to use a special English-speaking call center to be available via phone for any unforeseen circumstances.

Summarizing the current progress in an official Letter of Welcome to the participants of the Championship, UrFU rector Viktor Koksharov says:

“The ACM-ICPC World Finals is a global celebration of intelligence, knowledge and ability. With the great sponsor support from IBM, the expertise from the global ICPC community, and the help of local authorities and community, Ural Federal University will provide world-class hospitality to every ICPC guest”.

Ekaterinburg City Administration together with Ural federal University is actively engaged in preparing in World Finals. In Official Letter Head of Ekaterinburg City Administration Alexander Yakob is confident that City Administration will provide all the necessary facilities and services for comfortable accommodations of participants and holding ICPC events.

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