The free high-speed wireless Interner will be available during the contest days for each participant of World Finals 2014. The access is provided by the Host Internet partner, 

As an ICPC guest, you received an instruction including your unique login and password (along with the instruction) from volunteer at the hotel lobby. If not, please ask for one at the Team Registration, June 22, at Cosmos. You can easily get your login / password again if you forget / lost these — just ask a volunteer to help.

To use wireless access at contest venues, please use the following instruction:

1. Make sure that WiFi on your device is switched on.

2.  Scan the available wireless networks and find either the «ICPC DOM.RU» or the «ICPC DOM.RU 5GHz» network. If your device supports WiFi at a frequency range of 5GHz, please connect to the «ICPC DOM.RU 5GHz» network. Otherwise «ICPC DOM.RU».

3.  Open a web-browser and try to load any page. If you do not have «any page», just use

4.  During your first access to the wireless network, you will be taken to the authorization page. If the page is displayed in Russian, switch the language to English (the switch is located at the bottom right corner of the page).

5.  Find the button «ICPC Guest» (the red one with ICPC World Finals logo) and press it. You will be asked to enter your login andpin.

6.  Enter them.

7.  If you did the above correctly, you should be redirected to the MyICPC page. Then, you may continue browsing or use other Internet services.


Authorization will be valid for one full day for each device you register. You are welcome to  use  multiple  devices  with  the  same  login  and  PIN.  Once the 24 hour period has expired on each device, you will need to repeat theabove procedure. We recommend you keep your login and PIN available to re-authenticate as necessary. If you have any problems,  please  ask  our  host  volunteers  for  assistance  or  call  the  ICPC  Call Center with your Beeline sim: +7-96-55-42-0000.

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