Everybody wants to see АСМ ICPC 2014!

Over 600 people have registered for ACM ICPC Closing ceremony taking place on June, 25th. Such an attention to ACM ICPC was a nice surprise for the organizers and forced them to look for the possibility to place all interested.

Unfortunately there are not as much seats in Cosmos as in DIVS. That is why only 300 registered spectators will watch the Closing ceremony from the balconies in Kosmos (the stalls are occupied by ICPC participants and guests). Others may watch the ceremony on large screens in DIVS.

Tomorrow is the most important day of the contest. 122 teams will fight for the medals and the title of ACM ICPC 2014 Champion. One hour before the end of the contest the score table will be “frozen” – the name of the winners will be officially announces only in Cosmos.

See you on the Finals and the Closing ceremony. Follow live broadcast at our web-site on June, 25th from 9:45 till 17:30 (UTC/GMT+6)!

And as usual, best photos of the current day in our photo report!

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