Have plans for the 25th of June?

This year organizers are asking fans around the globe to create Cheering Parties to support team of their universities. Watch the World Finals live from Ekaterinburg and share your encouragement for your team as they battle the competition.

For beginning share your idea with friends at your university. Determine the time in your area of the ICPCLive broadcast on 25 June 2014. See http://icpc.baylor.edu/worldfinals/schedule for details and visit http://bit.ly/ACMICPC-WF2014-Time to find out what time it will be in your country. Find a venue at the university, local office, IT company or even a café. Make sure the venue has enough space, appropriate AV for Live, and sufficient WiFi for the group. Send an email with subject “Cheering Party” to icpcnews@acmicpc.orgwith your information/questions, and we’ll provide you with more details.

Looking for a Cheering Party nearby? Let us know at http://bit.ly/cheeringparty

Tell your friends about it, try to keep it simple so those not familiar with ACM ICPC can learn more about our program and competition. There are multiple sources of information regarding the ACM ICPC in general and World Finals in particular. Basic information can be found on the official website. And during the broadcast will be useful, these sources: 

To help Cheering Parties get the most from their viewing experience, we propose the following setup for Cheering Parties:

  • One big TV/screen + audio/projector + audio for the online broadcast
  • One smaller screen/projector for the myICPC scoreboard
  • Personal laptops for the Cheering Party participants, to follow the events of the WF both on myICPC and alternative sources

Think about the food functions of the event. It is OK to charge all guests for the food during the event (both in case of a café venue and other options). Make sure everyone knows the price range in advance. You can always order pizza and drinks — it is easy, manageable and the delivery is possible. Check with the number of guests to be sure that you fit into the venue and correct food-functions based on the number.

The broadcast will start about 40 minutes before the contest. Make sure that you have everything needed for your event — laptops for the live broadcast and scoreboard, backup internet connection, all necessary cables to connect everything at the venue, extra extension cords and power-outlet-multipliers. Do your friends have a t-shirt from the World Finals? Maybe from a regional competition or any other related event? Ask them to wear it!

After beginning take time to cheer for your team. Post your pictures on social media and mark them with appropriate hashtags — in a few minutes they will appear in the ICPCZone in Ekaterinburg. Any last minute “good luck” will surely make your team happy and they will feel just as confident as at home.

We would love to hear from you during the event itself:

  • Show us how you celebrate the first accepted problem of your team.
  • Is anyone at your Cheering Party solving the problems themselves?
  • Want to know more about the flow of the contest? Ask us through social networks or even record a video question!

Don’t forget to upload all photos from the event to any public storage. We want to show the way ACM ICPC connects and encourages people from around the globe to celebrate the best and the brightest.

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